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Don’t fall or die in Chaos Faction


Do you have any idea about Chaos Faction? Is it a movie, a flash game or a television series? If you points out to the first and last option, then you are wrong because it is an example of a flash game. It is an interactive shooting game sponsored by Armor Games. There are two factors why you will like this game to the extreme. One is because of the cute and easy to control characters presented in the game. Second is because of the shooting action involving certain shooting weapons. If you are still curious about this game, you can freely scan and skim this whole article.

Chaos Faction (3)

The player will choose a character and will go on a battle with enemies. There are weapons found on the platform and the player should utilize them at their maximum capacity. Precisely shoot the enemies and don’t let them push you out of the platform or else, you will die and have to restart all over again. If you are excited to play this game, you can visit


Shoot more in Defend Your Nuts 2


Do you enjoy shooting games? Defend your nuts once again in Defend You Nuts 2. Do not let the various kinds of monsters get your nuts. Defend you nuts in twenty five days initially using bow and arrow. Hover over coins and ammo. Use coins for all kinds of upgrading. Upgrade your bow and arrow to inflict greater damage. Earn other weapons which you can also upgrade. And at the same time you are defending your nuts, rescue some rabbits which can help you defend your nuts in different ways. Increase the power of these rabbits, too.

Defend Your Nuts 2 (3)

Defend Your Nuts 2 (2)

You can also buy an upgradable wall as an added defense. At the beginning of the game, you can choose easy, normal or hard mode. As you level up, an additional kind of monster appears. Defend Your Nuts 2 is a fun tower defense game. Finish one mode to unlock survival.


Play Tough to Win in CHAOS FACTION 2


Those who enjoy playing CHOAS FACTION 1 will be thrilled to know that the sequel CHAOS FACTION 2 offers more challenges, levels and better gaming experience. This action packed game gets tougher with each level and this is where it gets entertaining as the players are equipped with powerful weapons in each level to destroy their enemies and advance in the game.

The game that can be played at has more powerful weapons that will be of advantage to the players in advancing to the next levels. The controls for this game includes the space bar to pause the game, arrow keys for moving up and down or from right to left and for two special attacks players can use Z and X keys. Players can drop the weapons when they use the D key and for melee combat they can use the shift key.

Chaos Faction 4 (2)

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