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Play and Toss Bombs in Bomb It


Dodge explosions, blow your enemies and throw them bombs. If these are the things you are into then you better try this game. In Bomb It, you play with 4 other characters in a room, trying to survive and kill the enemies with bombs. Will you be able to survive? Or will you be a victim of the other bombers?

Bomb It  (1)

Bomb it is a 2d action game, with a twist of puzzle and strategy, the goal of the game, is to eliminate all three bombers that are in the room by any means. But the will not be sitting ducks, as they are also trying to do the same thing. You start off in a corner of a room, filled with multiple posts and objects, try to blow out some of the objects by dropping a bomb in front of it. The bomb will have an explosion on either 4 sides but it cannot destroy posts. But take note that you can get yourself killed with your own bombs. Try to cover on a post after dropping a bomb. After clearing out the objects you can pick up some items that will enhance different skills. Running speed, range of explosion, pushing bombs, throwing grenades over an object or wall and shield are only few of the many power ups that can help you. After destroying all the objects in the room and eliminating all the bombers you will get scored. If you get killed, your score in all the stages will be totaled. Score high enough and get your name in the score board.

You can also play with your family or friend with Bomb It’s 2 player feature. However there is no coop play, so you will be enemies all the times. Remember that is always not about winning, but having fun, especially when you are playing with bombs. Visit to play the game.


Exploring the Seas for Money in Treasure Seas


Explore the vast seas and gather all the treasure that are hidden in the depth in Treasure Seas Inc. Your ship will travel along the Kaluha Triangle, where all the world’s greatest treasures can be found. Customize and set up your submarine, and enjoy or fear the acquaintance of sea creatures. Find all the treasures all to yourself and be the best marine treasure hunter the world has ever seen. Get your crew ready as you embark on the most rewarding adventure that you can ever have. Discover towns and routes in Kaluha Triangle, by using your ship and submarine. You can attach and drop the submarine from the ship depending if you are travelling on other towns or looking for treasures.

Treasure Seas (1)

Dive underwater to get treasures, but beware of some sea creatures, not all of them are friendly, sharks may bite and poke a hole in your sub. The time underwater is limited, and you have to go back to the ship to refill oxygen. The pressure will also break your submarine glass if you dive too deep. The upgrades can be bought on towns that explore, some will sell you extra plating, extra oxygen capsule and more upgrades that can help you dive into deeper seas and get more treasure. Treasure Seas Inc. is one adventure game that you must try, for all those aspiring treasure hunters out there, here is your chance to try out the life you are dreaming of.


Play on ice online with Hockey Games


Playing in ice is sure fun, but what if you live somewhere that does not snow? No need to worry because you can always play hockey games online. Select from different winter sports and familiarize yourself on the rules of the game. No subscription or membership needed, just search and click on the title you want and start playing on ice.

Hockey Games (3)

Get your hockey gear on and test out your skills on ice through the internet. Most hockey games are all about goal. There are 1-on-1 games, where you take the shot and a goaltender will try and stop you. Or you can also play as the goalie. There are also mini-team competitions, usually formed by 3 members. Lastly, there is air hockey where you play on a smooth board as you try to get the disc on the opposing side or goal. There are some titles that can accommodate single or multiplayer, just in case your annoying cousin visits your home and takes control of your computer. Hand and eye coordination as well as your reaction speed will be put to test with these games. The controls are very easy, and you can learn and adjust to them in no time. The techniques on the shot on the other hand will take you a bit more time to perfect.

Share the hockey games you play on different social media sites and compete with friends in faraway places. The website has the largest source of the best free online sports game. It is also full of other games for other sports. Call your siblings or friends and play together with your favorite winter sport. This might be the one that will push you to start playing on ice and eventually, be the start of your sport or coaching career.

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