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Protect your beloved place in Kingdom Rush 1


Most of us dream of becoming Kings and Queens but only a few people are able to do so with the help of destiny and genes. Fortunately, there are flash games that lets you experience the era or period of Kings and Queens. One example is the game called Kingdom Rush 1. This is the first edition from the game series called Kingdom Rush. This is a defense tower strategic game that will tests the gamers’ skill in defeating enemies. This game is created by Ironhide Game Studios and released in 2011.

Kingdom rush 1 (4)

The situation in this game is that evil troops are marching towards your territory. Your mission is to build tower defense so that the enemies will be hindered. You must also recruit troops for manpower who will defend the castle by shooting the evil wards. You must be able to display great defense strategy and execution to fulfill your purpose.


Giri Giraffe for iPhone


Giri Giraffe is a cute endless running game on iOS platform. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads running on iOS 6.1 or later versions. The amazing visuals and animation makes it an ideal companion for kids of all ages. The game, which was made by Purple Man Games,  is about the main character Giri, the Giraffe that needs to be controlled in a side-scrolling endless running game.


Below are some of the important aspects, which should be followed while playing Giri Giraffe:

* Controlling Giri requires touch mechanism. You can make Giri lower its neck by touching the screen and make her go higher by releasing the screen.

*  Make sure you avoid the obstacles by pressing the ‘releasing the screen’ wherever required.

*  You also need to collect apples during the run. However, only red apples have to be collected and at the same time poisonous apples needs to be avoided.

Red apples can be traded in store for clothing and other accessories for Giri.

Listed below are some features that make Giri Giraffe a safe game for kids:

*  The game doesn’t have any violent material such as bloody or gory stuff.

*  The controls are very simple and are especially designed to provide enhanced gaming experience to young gamers.

*  The graphics are lively, which provides an interactive and learning experience to kids.


*  A survey has revealed that playing the game for a brief time every day can enhance the child’s problem solving skills.

So, download the Giri Giraffe now on your Apple iPhone and have a great gaming time.

Purple Man Games are the creators of this addicting game.




Utilize traps and stuffs in Where are my Bunnies


One of the most exciting and helpful types of games to play is a strategy game. There are two reasons why. First is because of the fact that it helps a gamer or player to enhance or improve his or her strategical thinking which can be applied in real life situations. Second is because of the fact that it creates or starts the sense of logic with younger generation of players. One good example is the game called Where are my Bunnies. It may not look like a strategy game if you will just base on the title alone but if you experience it, you will definitely say it is.


The situation in this game is that a farmer who owns lots of bunnies lost them all. Your mission as the player is to help the farmer find the bunnies right away. There will be traps and other helpful objects that you must utilize in order to collect or gather the cute bunnies in time.