Are you looking for a best computer game online? Then you must play Vex game series. Vex 3 is considered as the hardest but full of fun and entertainment among all the episodes of this series. In this episode, you will be jumping, running, sliding and swimming. Do everything you can and finish the race as fast as you can. Keep away from the obstacles that may hinder to reach your mission. Check it out, Can you beat level 6?

There are also a lot of developments in Vex 3 compared to vex 1 and vex 2. At the Main Menu, there are four panels to choose from: Stage Builder, Play, Options and Trophies Room. Take note that at the Main Menu, changed from the choices was also made compared from the previous episodes of the game. Vex 3 is the longest game in the series. You have ten levels to go through, known as Acts including the nine challenge stages. Challenge yourself, Can you beat level 6? There is a Tutorial stage at the start of the Play mode which will help you familiarized with the flow and controls of the game.

There are also some improvements in the Stage Builder. From here, you can already start playing even before playing in the Play mode. The building tools are already completed and they are classified according to their kinds: platforms, objects and obstacles. Right away, you can build nice and good. If you want to have additional tools, play the pre-developed game and find more platforms, objects and obstacles.


In the previous version of this game, there was Achievements room while in vex 3, this was replaced by the Trophies Room. You have to collect forty trophies which are divided into four types: the Awesome Stuff trophies with seven trophies, the Standard Acts trophies with ten trophies, the Hard Core Trophies with nine trophies, and the Completion Trophies which is made up of four trophies.

The vex 3 game is indeed a game that is full of challenges that will measure your skills. This will surely entertain you considering that it is totally a free game and there is no need to make or log in to any account. See for yourself, Can you beat level 6?