If you have the nerve to play scary games, you must be looking for top horror games. If you will search online, you will find several scary games that are worth spending you time. What more, there are scary games which are simply for free. Hence, you do not need to pay for your enjoyment.

One of the best horror games for free you will find online is the Scary maze game. You will have to cross the maze from one end to the other. But in this game, there is one strict rule to follow. That is to never ever touch the walls of the mazes. One touch will end the game. And if you are lucky enough, you might find your adrenaline rush with the surprise the game brings.

Not only will you enjoy playing Scary maze game, you will also benefit as you play. It will test and enhance some of your skills. For one, your hand and eye coordination will be tried. You must see to it that your hands will not touch the walls as you go across the roads of the maze. Your patience will also be greatly improved. You cannot cross the maze in a hurry mode. You need to cross slowly without touching the walls. This you have to do especially in higher levels where the roads are narrower and turns are greater.

Your concentration ability will also improve. You have to be fully concentrated as you play the game. And you have to overcome distractions whether in or outside of the game. Else, you might accidentally bump the walls of the maze.

Do not tell them anything about the game. Just recommend to turn the volume of their speakers up and turn off all lights around. Please bear in mind that the game is not suitable for very young children and those with weak hearts. It is also not recommended for people with heart conditions. The game has surprising elements that might harm those with heart conditions.