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Scary maze game


If you have the nerve to play scary games, you must be looking for top horror games. If you will search online, you will find several scary games that are worth spending you time. What more, there are scary games which are simply for free. Hence, you do not need to pay for your enjoyment.

One of the best horror games for free you will find online is the Scary maze game. You will have to cross the maze from one end to the other. But in this game, there is one strict rule to follow. That is to never ever touch the walls of the mazes. One touch will end the game. And if you are lucky enough, you might find your adrenaline rush with the surprise the game brings.

Not only will you enjoy playing Scary maze game, you will also benefit as you play. It will test and enhance some of your skills. For one, your hand and eye coordination will be tried. You must see to it that your hands will not touch the walls as you go across the roads of the maze. Your patience will also be greatly improved. You cannot cross the maze in a hurry mode. You need to cross slowly without touching the walls. This you have to do especially in higher levels where the roads are narrower and turns are greater.

Your concentration ability will also improve. You have to be fully concentrated as you play the game. And you have to overcome distractions whether in or outside of the game. Else, you might accidentally bump the walls of the maze.

Scary Maze Game

You can play Scary maze game for free and use it too to prank friends and folks. Do not tell them anything about the game. Just recommend to turn the volume of their speakers up and turn off all lights around. Please bear in mind that the game is not suitable for very young children and those with weak hearts. It is also not recommended for people with heart conditions. The game has surprising elements that might harm those with heart conditions.


Amigo Pancho 6 in Afghanistan


If you are looking for a challenging adventure game, better join Amigo Pancho in his distinctive balloon flying adventures. How much would you love to fly with only two balloons in your hands? And who said there are no traffic problems in the airway?

In Amigo Pancho’s sixth adventure, he intends to go to Afghanistan. He saw on television that a war broke in the said country. As he watched Bin Laden over the news, he thought of flying to Afghanistan. Play Amigo Pancho 6 via Plimpi and help Amigo Pancho as he makes his way to war. But do not count that he will fly by airplane because he would not.

Amigo Pancho 6 (3)

Just like in the previous Amigo Pancho adventures, Amigo Pancho will once again travel with only two balloons in his hands. Help him as he travels for there are tons of obstacles along his way. You can clear mud walls that are in his way up. Turn on the fan which could push or pull Amigo Pancho’s balloons, depending on the direction he needs to go. But make sure his balloons will not pop out; else he will fall and die. Play the game via Plimpi and see how you can help Amigo Pancho.

You will have to travel in twenty five levels just to get to Afghanistan. There are eleven levels that you should collect the golden star before flying away for higher scores. Try to fly away at the shortest time possible. As you level up, levels get more complicated. As levels get harder, there are times you have to think first how you can get through. Nevertheless, worry not for the game is just challenging enough but not impossibly hard.

Amigo Pancho 6, like its prequels, is an addicting challenging adventure skill game. You can play the game totally for free via Plimpi.


Check out Vex 3 level 6


Are you looking for a best computer game online? Then you must play Vex game series. Vex 3 is considered as the hardest but full of fun and entertainment among all the episodes of this series. In this episode, you will be jumping, running, sliding and swimming. Do everything you can and finish the race as fast as you can. Keep away from the obstacles that may hinder to reach your mission. Check it out, Can you beat level 6?

There are also a lot of developments in Vex 3 compared to vex 1 and vex 2. At the Main Menu, there are four panels to choose from: Stage Builder, Play, Options and Trophies Room. Take note that at the Main Menu, changed from the choices was also made compared from the previous episodes of the game. Vex 3 is the longest game in the series. You have ten levels to go through, known as Acts including the nine challenge stages. Challenge yourself, Can you beat level 6? There is a Tutorial stage at the start of the Play mode which will help you familiarized with the flow and controls of the game.

There are also some improvements in the Stage Builder. From here, you can already start playing even before playing in the Play mode. The building tools are already completed and they are classified according to their kinds: platforms, objects and obstacles. Right away, you can build nice and good. If you want to have additional tools, play the pre-developed game and find more platforms, objects and obstacles.


In the previous version of this game, there was Achievements room while in vex 3, this was replaced by the Trophies Room. You have to collect forty trophies which are divided into four types: the Awesome Stuff trophies with seven trophies, the Standard Acts trophies with ten trophies, the Hard Core Trophies with nine trophies, and the Completion Trophies which is made up of four trophies.

The vex 3 game is indeed a game that is full of challenges that will measure your skills. This will surely entertain you considering that it is totally a free game and there is no need to make or log in to any account. See for yourself, Can you beat level 6?


Protect your beloved place in Kingdom Rush 1


Most of us dream of becoming Kings and Queens but only a few people are able to do so with the help of destiny and genes. Fortunately, there are flash games that lets you experience the era or period of Kings and Queens. One example is the game called Kingdom Rush 1. This is the first edition from the game series called Kingdom Rush. This is a defense tower strategic game that will tests the gamers’ skill in defeating enemies. This game is created by Ironhide Game Studios and released in 2011.

Kingdom rush 1 (4)

The situation in this game is that evil troops are marching towards your territory. Your mission is to build tower defense so that the enemies will be hindered. You must also recruit troops for manpower who will defend the castle by shooting the evil wards. You must be able to display great defense strategy and execution to fulfill your purpose.


Giri Giraffe for iPhone


Giri Giraffe is a cute endless running game on iOS platform. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads running on iOS 6.1 or later versions. The amazing visuals and animation makes it an ideal companion for kids of all ages. The game, which was made by Purple Man Games,  is about the main character Giri, the Giraffe that needs to be controlled in a side-scrolling endless running game.


Below are some of the important aspects, which should be followed while playing Giri Giraffe:

* Controlling Giri requires touch mechanism. You can make Giri lower its neck by touching the screen and make her go higher by releasing the screen.

*  Make sure you avoid the obstacles by pressing the ‘releasing the screen’ wherever required.

*  You also need to collect apples during the run. However, only red apples have to be collected and at the same time poisonous apples needs to be avoided.

Red apples can be traded in store for clothing and other accessories for Giri.

Listed below are some features that make Giri Giraffe a safe game for kids:

*  The game doesn’t have any violent material such as bloody or gory stuff.

*  The controls are very simple and are especially designed to provide enhanced gaming experience to young gamers.

*  The graphics are lively, which provides an interactive and learning experience to kids.


*  A survey has revealed that playing the game for a brief time every day can enhance the child’s problem solving skills.

So, download the Giri Giraffe now on your Apple iPhone and have a great gaming time.

Purple Man Games are the creators of this addicting game.




Utilize traps and stuffs in Where are my Bunnies


One of the most exciting and helpful types of games to play is a strategy game. There are two reasons why. First is because of the fact that it helps a gamer or player to enhance or improve his or her strategical thinking which can be applied in real life situations. Second is because of the fact that it creates or starts the sense of logic with younger generation of players. One good example is the game called Where are my Bunnies. It may not look like a strategy game if you will just base on the title alone but if you experience it, you will definitely say it is.


The situation in this game is that a farmer who owns lots of bunnies lost them all. Your mission as the player is to help the farmer find the bunnies right away. There will be traps and other helpful objects that you must utilize in order to collect or gather the cute bunnies in time.


Play and Toss Bombs in Bomb It


Dodge explosions, blow your enemies and throw them bombs. If these are the things you are into then you better try this game. In Bomb It, you play with 4 other characters in a room, trying to survive and kill the enemies with bombs. Will you be able to survive? Or will you be a victim of the other bombers?

Bomb It  (1)

Bomb it is a 2d action game, with a twist of puzzle and strategy, the goal of the game, is to eliminate all three bombers that are in the room by any means. But the will not be sitting ducks, as they are also trying to do the same thing. You start off in a corner of a room, filled with multiple posts and objects, try to blow out some of the objects by dropping a bomb in front of it. The bomb will have an explosion on either 4 sides but it cannot destroy posts. But take note that you can get yourself killed with your own bombs. Try to cover on a post after dropping a bomb. After clearing out the objects you can pick up some items that will enhance different skills. Running speed, range of explosion, pushing bombs, throwing grenades over an object or wall and shield are only few of the many power ups that can help you. After destroying all the objects in the room and eliminating all the bombers you will get scored. If you get killed, your score in all the stages will be totaled. Score high enough and get your name in the score board.

You can also play with your family or friend with Bomb It’s 2 player feature. However there is no coop play, so you will be enemies all the times. Remember that is always not about winning, but having fun, especially when you are playing with bombs. Visit to play the game.

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