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How long can you survive in Dragon Slayers


Defend your castle from the onslaught of dragons in the addicting game Dragon Slayers. Use your giant ballista to shoot and kill the incoming attackers. You will earn gold for each kill. You can use your gold for the repair or upgrade of your castle. You will also use gold to recruit crews, to upgrade their capabilities, to build Carpenters Guild and to build Mage Guild.


Be wise in spending your gold though, it is not earned abundantly as you need it. Guard the health of your castle, the game will be over once your castle is destroyed. As you level up, stronger dragons will come, making the game harder to survive. The challenge is to have the means to build Mage Guild as soon as possible before the red dragons come. Dragon Slayer is a challenging action-packed tower defense strategy game.


Take good care of the cute kitty in Hello Kitty Stylish Makeover


If there is one famous character that kids around the world surely love, it would be Hello Kitty. This cute cat has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world because of three reasons. First is because of the creativity that the creator was able to accomplished which is to make a character out of an animal with lovable characteristics. Second is because of the fact that it is very relatable and easy to be familiar with. Last is because of the undeniable fact that it is cute and entertaining.

There is no wonder that there has been creation of different entertainment mediums existing now and in the past. One good example is the flash game called Hello Kitty Stylish Makeover. This is a very easy game that kids will surely get hooked on. The instructions are given in the game screen and audio. You just have to follow them properly. Your main goal is to take good care of Hello Kitty from giving her a bath, dressing her up with glamorous clothes and styling her.Know more about this game at

Hello Kitty Stylish Makeover (3)


Turn a dull land into a paradise with Ranch Rush 2


Ranch Rush 2 is the second edition from the game series called Ranch Rush. This has been serving tremendous entertainment and fun for quite some time. There are two reasons why you should place this second offering. First is because it involves fruits, vegetables, animals and crops which really entertain and fascinate a lot of gamers around the world. Second is because of the fact that it is a simulation game of farming. As most of us know, farming is considered as one of the greatest activity/job of mankind because this is where we get most of our food sources.

Going back with Ranch Rush 2, the main character in this game is Sara. She is an expert in transforming a dull land into a paradise. The goal or objective of the players is to guide and control Sara as she goes for another farming session. She must be able to utilize the root crops, fruits and vegetables as well as the animals into her advantage. Have a great farming process with Ranch Rush 2 now!


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