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A great source of tip in Super Stacker 2 Walkthrough


Are you familiar with the flash game called Super Stacker 2? If yes, then you will surely love the topic that this article is offering now. Super Stacker 2 is the second installment from the game series with the same title minus the number two on it. If you are currently playing this game and having trouble in certain parts of it, then you are on the right website. This is about Super Stacker 2 Walkthrough. This is where you can get some tips or hints about the sequel to Super Stacker.

There are two things that you can benefit from engaging with the mentioned walkthrough. First is the chance that it gives to players to be more familiar with the game. Second is the chance for gamers to be successful in playing this game. The mentioned walkthrough is about the step by step explanation about Super Stacker 2. The main goal in this game is to stack different shapes in a specific time limit.



Defend your territory in Kingdom Rush 1


Kingdom Rush 1 is the first edition from the game series called Kingdom Rush. This is a defense tower strategic game that will tests the gamers’ skill in defeating enemies. This edition is very important because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that this is the one that will establish the mark of the whole series as well as start the story that gamers will look forward into reading and knowing. Second is because of the great game pay that is challenging and entertaining.

Kingdom rush 1 (4)

This game is created by Ironhide Game Studios and released in 2011. The situation in this game is that evil troops are marching towards your territory. Your mission is to build tower defense so that the enemies will be hindered. You must also recruit troops for manpower who will defend the castle by shooting the evil wards. Find more games on this site now!


Escape the mysterious location in TPE 2: Pursuit


Escape games have been getting tremendous amount of popularity these days because of two things or reasons. First is because of the challenge they have that makes the gamers tested through their outmost capabilities. Second is because of the features and graphics that are worth appreciating and watching. This article or content that you are reading at the moment presents or offers an example of this game. The name is TPE 2: Pursuit. This is already the second edition from the game series called TPE.

TPE2 Pursuit

The goal or objective of anyone who wants to enjoy this game is to escape the mysterious place. There are stuffs scattered everywhere which you have to figure out what are their worth or value. If you are able to determine their connections, then you will be able to successfully escape that place. This type of game is a good exercise for thinking and strategy-building. Try playing this sequel now!

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