Who wants to play to play treasure hunting game? What if, you also have to safe your treasures? Sounds amazing, right? Raft Wars 1 is such a game. Just visit http://www.raftwars2.org/raft-wars-1/ and experience this fun game.
In Raft War 1 your primary aim is to shoot down all the enemies you have who are also vigilant in trying to steal your treasures. This game is played by mouse and for the perfect shot you will get points. You will also get the option to upgrade the ship you use so that you can have even more men at your disposal. You have to upgrade ship with the cash that you will get by scoring high. Another thing to note is that with the more survivors alive at the end of each level, the more points you are awarded.
Raft War 1 is a fun game with lots of challenges. You should try it!